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Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Absolutely think this is the coolest little gadget for the money.  Especially if you have a blood pressure problem that you need to monitor.  No more running to Walmart or Walgreens or the Dr's office to have your blood pressure checked.  Easier than trying to do it by yourself the old fashion way with getting the cuff on, holding the stethoscope and listening to your self.  Then it tracks it and charts it.  It also allows for more than one person to use it - so I like the multi - user function.  Basically out of the box use on your iPad and iPhone after you download the app from the store (free app!).  I basically had the item out of the box and in use in less than 5 minutes.  Only thing I would add to the package or box, or the instruction manual is a picture of the app icon as the search will bring up about 7 or so different ones and it is hard to determine which one is applicable to this product.  You have to look at the details to find the pictures of the screens.  Other than that, this thing is great!  

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Re: Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

im glad you like it!! how accurate is it compared to the ones at walgreens/walmart?