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Why you should get an Apple Watch.......

So this is just my opinion. This post does not reflect any views that Best Buy may officially have on products they sell. 


That being said I wanted to mention how handy and useful it is to own an Apple Watch. I bought my first watch in 2020, the Apple Watch Series 3. It is going to be discontinued soon and I may have to upgrade to a newer watch to potentially keep the features I want to use although unlikely they will discontinue those features. 


Today my husband and I went out to the movies for the first time in a long time since the pandemic and before having an Apple Watch, I had to get out my phone to scan my movie tickets I bought digitally and to redeem my discount at concessions for being a movie club member. 


Fast forward, this theater now supports adding your movie ticket to apple watch and also supports adding your membership to your watch as well so you don't have to get your phone out of your pocket. Also handy? Use your watch to pay for your snacks and drinks with Apple Pay! 


It made going to the movie theater 100% better Smiley Happy


I use my watch also for rewards at a popular conveieince store chain and also use it to pay for transit rides on many popular transit agencies where I live. 


Even have my medical record card stored in my watch and also my vaccine information. 


So Apple Watch can make your life easier. It's good to have an all in one solution to do the stuff you do most without having to get out plastic cards or memberships on the phone and so forth. 

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