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Treadmill Purchase Questions

I wasn't sure where this question should be posted (Health & Fitness or BB Policies), so I chose this one. I'm assuming it will be moved if I'm incorrect.


I'm considering purchasing the Proform Performance 1850 treadmill (PFTL20511), which I understand is a "special order". Unfortunately, I have a few questions about delivery, installation and warranty of such items. I've searched the website but so far haven't been able to find the specific answers I'm looking for. The questions I have are listed below. I'm hoping that someone on this board can answer one or more of them, or perhaps point me in the right direction for obtaining the answers. I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but considering that this would be nearly a $2K purchase, I'm simply trying to do my "homework" before taking the plunge.


* Regarding delivery and installation, the special order information says "Service includes product delivery and basic installation, but does not include specialty installation. See details on Delivery and Installation Services.". So my first question is, what does "basic installation" mean in terms of a treadmill? I understand that these things come on a pallet and can take hours to assemble. Clicking on the "details" link only provides detailed information on specific major appliances (Dryers, Stoves, etc...) but there is no information related to Fitness Equipment and/or Treadmills. In fact, the section that lists equipment requiring "special installation" doesn't mention any fitness equipment whatsoever.


* That leads me to my next two questions, Does Best Buy offer assembly services for Treadmills? If so, where can I go to find information about that service (cost, terms, etc...) ? Again, there is no mention of that on the BB website.


* From what I'm able to see, BB does not offer any additional protection plans for this item. Using the website, I went through the steps of placing an order for the treadmill, holding short of the final confirmation. On no screen was a protection plan ever offered, nor were there any links or pop-ups offering such a plan (as I have seen when ordering other productions from BB). So does this in fact imply that BB does not offer protection plans for treadmills, or have I missed something?


* Finally, what is Best Buy's return/replacment policy on fitness equipment that is faulty right "out of the box"? Here's a dreaded scenario. The unit is delivered, removed from the pallet and unboxed. After hours of assembly it is determined that some part is defective or has somehow been damaged (perhaps during transit). Chances are by that point re-boxing it and getting it back on a pallet is not an option. Can a customer still get the defective unit replaced or perhaps even return it for a credit?



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Re: Treadmill Purchase Questions

I know this is waaaay down the road but since nobody answered, for special delivery items they are simply dropped off. That is all. I haven't seen protection plans available on large exercise equipment but I have assumed it isn't offered. Yes returns are possible. It would have to somehow be made shipable or you would have to return it to a local store which doesn't sound like much fun either.

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