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Stamina - InStride Folding Cycle

WOW - Finally I find a good deal on a product that will improve my health. Went to buy it and it turns out that the product is $39.99 but the shipping is $55.99. How the heck can the shipping be more then the product especially if it's shipping standard/ground. 


Here are the specs on this item:


12-1/2" x 15" x 18"

6.2 lbs (I'll give it 7 lbs)



I work in logistics for my company, even if this product shipped from CT to CA Residential with the current specs it only comes up to $28.86. So how does the $55.99 figure come about? You guys at BestBuy need to do some serious improvements on you shipping costs. WOW. Looks like I'll be checking out Amazon or heck with the shipping charges this high I might have a better chance on eBay.

Sorry but this guy will buy elsewhwere.