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I was wondering what smartwatches are compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 4
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Re: Smartwatches

Greetings Sudiski199325,


Welcome to our forums! Nearly all smart watches carried by us are compatible with your Galaxy Note 4 with the exception of the Apple Watch. Since most watches connect to your phone via Bluetooth, it’s as simple as syncing the two devices, downloading an app if necessary and you’re ready to go! For a list of available watches and accessories, please visit our page on here.


I hope this has been helpful and if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to respond!  



Javier|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Smartwatches

What smart watches are compatible with a alcatel one touch
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Re: Smartwatches

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Hello Sudiski1993,


Welcome to the forum.  I purchased my first smartwatch this time last year, and I can honestly say that my life has never been the same since.  I love being able to read my notifications off of my wrist and keep track of my health without needing to look at my phone.


As Javier-BBY mentioned in his post above, most smartwatches connect to your phone via Bluetooth.  With the exception of an Apple Watch, most smartwatches should be able to connect to your Alcatel One Touch phone that way, though you may need to download a third-party app for some features.


You’re welcome to take a look at our Smartwatch selection here, and you should feel free to speak more with a Best Buy Mobile specialist at your local store for more information.  I’m happy to answer any additional questions you may have as well.



Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Smartwatches


that's right smart watches are providing very useful facilities to their users.

hear beats , calls , music and many more functions are making them famous day by day