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Smart Scale for Fitbit

Hi I was wondering if there were any other smart scales that work with Fitbit and the app besides the smart scale offered by Fitbit. I am looking for something a little cheaper than the Fitbit smart scale. Please help!

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Re: Smart Scale for Fitbit

While you are waiting for an answer....  The fitbit app allows you to "manually" enter your weight and body fat readings from any scale.  I prefer the automated option so went with the Aria as an additional incentive to use it.

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Re: Smart Scale for Fitbit

Fitbit tries to stay proprietary so I do not think you will find one.


I got a fitbit scale from my work for free.


If you don't want to pay the money for a fitbit and if you have the fitbit app already on your phone just buy a good quality scale from Best Buy and manually enter your weight into the app.


Best Buy has a really good selection of Bathroom Scales.


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Re: Smart Scale for Fitbit

I manually enter my weight too on the FitBit Zip app. 

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