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Sixpack ShortCuts

So i've been seeing a lot of ads about that one asian dude on six pack short cuts. has anyone really tried his program?

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Re: Sixpack ShortCuts

I've seen severalk of his YouTube videos and they all share a common theme: He shares information that is virtually common knowledge and turns a 30-second comment into a 15-minute video.  The bottomline is that there are no shortcuts.  Get your bodyfat down to 10% or less and do muscle-building ab exercises.  Don't work your abs every day as they are a muscle and need time to recover just like any other muscle.  1-2 times per week is all you need (2x works best for me).

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Re: Sixpack ShortCuts

Hello oneeyedruckus,

I am no fitness expert, but Ach3r0n is correct. You do not need to work out your abs every day. This guy on Youtube is not providing any new information that is not already known. If you are looking for a good workout program- do P90X. I did it 2 times last year and it made me stronger and fitter than anything I have done in my life. I have let myself go a bit in the last few months, but I have a knee injury (unrelated to the P90X). Good luck out there and remember that Best Buy has plenty of items that can help you in your journey.

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