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Pedometer Batteries

Just like any other portable electronic device, your new pedometer uses batteries.  But how do you know when you need to replace them?  And what kind of batteries do most pedometers require?


For many models, the first sign that it’s time to replace the batteries comes when the LCD display starts to become dim or the unit simply doesn’t power on.  Some models may also include a battery charge indicator light.  Where this feature is located though will vary from model to model.


The batteries themselves can be found in a few different varieties.  Disc or button-style lithium-ion batteries (such as CR2032 and CR2025) are among the most common, although some models rely on traditional AA or AAA batteries instead.


For instructions how to replace the battery in your pedometer, make sure to refer to your owner’s guide.

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Re: Pedometer Batteries

Thanks for this info.
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Re: Pedometer Batteries

just come to the store or ask someone to do that for you