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Jawbone UP24: Now Compatible with iOS and Android

Jawbone UP24


The Polar Vortex has shown its ugly face and has put most of us through one heck of a winter. I know that I haven’t been as active as I should have been during this time, but I am happy to say I’m living the UP lifestyle again! Beach season is right around the corner and we have just what you need to help you look good and feel comfortable in that new suit with the Jawbone UP24.


The original Jawbone UP band I purchased almost a year ago helped me keep my fitness front of mind and keep off the pounds I shed last winter. It’s a simple system to operate and does most of the tracking for you so you can focus your energy on the physical work rather than crunching the numbers yourself. This little wristband packs an arsenal of useful features for someone interested in tracking their physical activity while keeping it simple and has gotten even better with the new Jawbone UP24.


Merely wearing the Jawbone UP24 around your wrist will wirelessly track your movement throughout the day via Bluetooth Smart. In addition to tracking some of those grueling workouts at the gym or in the lovely outdoors, it can even track some of your not-so-physical activity like your sleep patterns or your total caloric intake by manually entering in the meals you’ve eaten. It’s important to remember that a good night’s rest can be just as important as your physical activity while you’re “UP” and at ‘em (get it?)!


The Jawbone UP24 even has a number of alarms and alerts to help you stay on track. Idle Alert is a reminder to keep yourself moving throughout the day. When you are sitting idle for a select amount of time it will vibrate to remind you to get “UP” and move around (another UP pun?). Stopwatch is another mode you can use to time a specific activity for more tailored results based on the type of activity you are doing.


Jawbone UP 3.0 AppThose are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the features this sweat and splash-resistant band has to offer. When you get curious on how you are doing for the day and want to check in on the goals you have set for yourself, just open the app on your iOS or Android device.


Once you are “UP” and running (last pun, I promise) on the UP app you can create a Team and monitor and challenge your fellow UP owning friends by leaving some words of encouragement or maybe some friendly trash talk about their activity. You’ll be surprised at how much you pack into a day when it comes to your movement; one day it told me I took enough steps to have crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and back three times!


After you’ve been at it for a while with your sweet new Jawbone UP24 Wristband, you can take a wider gaze at your fitness trends by days, weeks, or months to keep track over the long haul. So as we approach the summer months, come in and get one of these waistband watching wristbands to help you get back into that favorite pair of pants that you haven’t worn since before the holidays.


To view all of the options we have for the original UP and the UP24 wristbands on, click here

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