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Is the Fitbit sense recommended?

Hi everyone, I'm thinking of buying a Fitbit sense to use as heart rate, HRV, sleep, notifications tracking

My question is, how is it going today? I read a lot of complaints about malfunctions, the heart rate measurement is quite bad, etc.

This was fixed or are the problems still?

And I wanted to know how necessary the Premium membership is, does it force you to pay for many functions or is it not so necessary to have it?

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Re: Is the Fitbit sense recommended?

I had a FitBit for quite a few years. After about 5 it just quit charging. 


However, I had zero problems with it. 

So I personaly think they are pretty good.


A co-worker of mine has a Garmin one, but he uses it for running and riding bike as well. 


The major (to me) SmartWatches for use in fitness are the FitBit, Garmin, and iWatch


Like many things of its ilk I think the Premium is simply putting extra creamer in your coffee. 

If you do a Google Search for 


Fitbit sense premium vs free 

you will find some articles that will show you the differences. You will have to decide if it is worth the extra per month.


However, if you have an iPhone I would give a good look at the iWatch.  My daughters have them and they do the things you are looking for, plus they can answer their phone with the watch. 

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Re: Is the Fitbit sense recommended?

I actually love my Apple Watch, I got the Series 3 from Besf Buy a couple years ago and it has made my life a lot easier on the go. 


My favorite things to use it for is paying at stores that accept contactless payments and also riding transit that accepts Clipper. Having the ability to do things from my watch without getting my wallet out now that's great. Also being able to answer calls on my watch while my iPhone is on the charger and make calls is a plus too. 


If you're new to Apple Watch, you obviously need an iPhone to use it you can't pair it with Android. 


Apple Watch Series 3 right now is $229 from Best Buy as of the time I am creating this post but be aware there are rumors that its going to be discontinued soon (not set in stone) which may pave the way for the updates on the watch to cease.


If this worries you the Apple Watch SE is the next choice which is a more recent release and has upgraded specs compared to Series 3. I've seen them start at $279 for a smaller band and go as high as 350 and maybe more for a model that has cellular. 


Be aware that the cellular models are most likely compatible only on postpaid accounts as pre-paid providers don't have this capability yet. I know my cell phone company Tracfone at least does not have this. 



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