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How do I set up my Fitbit Aria on my computer?

by Retired: Community Analyst on ‎05-07-2013 11:33 AM - edited on ‎01-31-2022 06:38 PM by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist (11,836 Views)



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Did you recently get a Fitbit Aria Air and want to know how to set it up on a computer?


You must have a Wi-Fi enabled computer to setup and sync your Aria scale to


Note: If your computer does not have Wi-Fi, you will need to use a computer, smartphone or tablet that has Wi-Fi in order to get your Aria set up. You can go to to set up your device from your smartphone.


Please have your scale, computer, and network password ready do the following to set up your Aria:



1)      Go to



2)      Click the pink "Download" button.



3)      Open the Fitbit Scale Setup file once it has downloaded.



4)      A security warning may appear. Please opt to "Run the file".



5)      The installer window will pop up. Click "Get Started".



6)      Log in to your existing Fitbit account or sign up for a new account.



7)      Verify your personal information, then click "Next".



8)      The software will look for your scale and wireless network. Once it finds your network, it will ask you to enter the password and click "Yes". If it finds a network that you do not want to use, please click "No, I want to use another network" and enter the correct network information.



9)      Place the scale in Setup Mode by following the instructions on the screen.



10)   The software will now attempt to connect to the selected Wi-Fi network and send network information to the scale.



11)   The final screen will read "Success". Your scale will display a check mark and smiley face. Your Aria will now be set up and connected to Fitbit.



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