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Fitbit recommendation between Alta HR and Charge 2

I have the Fitbit Alta HR which is slim, not too bulky, comfortable and can make it stylish with interchangeable watch bands. However, how much better is the CHARGE 2 ?

Do you feel that the Charge 2 is bulky ?  Most people like the Charge 2 with the side button for sport activity selection instead of waiting 10 to 15 minutes for the HR to register activity.  The Charge 2 has a larger display screen which makes sense for better viewing but wondering if the sunlight effects it similar to the Alta HR were it becomes difficult to see the display info. Presently the Charge 2 is $150 and Alta HR is $130 which cost difference is minimal. Both are known to have encountered some defects or function problems in which customers made complaints.  I realize much has to do with personal preference but what is your preference or opinion? Which Fitbit comes ahead in the "A" game in realistic terms. The Alta HR or Charge 2.  If I had $600, addicted to fitness as in everyday workout and wasn't concerned about wearing a large watch on my wrist I would buy the Garmin Fenix 5S that has all the bells and whistles. Thank you! If you own the Alta HR or Charge 2 your input is welcome.

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Re: Fitbit recommendation between Alta HR and Charge 2

Hey there, SighaDayonMe,


I admittedly don’t own either of these fitness trackers (I have an old-school clip-on version), but you’re right! Because both the Alta HR and Charge 2 are fairly similar, it really does come down to personal preference. From what I know of the two though, I figured I’d throw in my own two cents.


While true that the Charge 2 has a larger screen, it’s subsequently wider. If you have a thicker wrist like me, that can be uncomfortable and seem a bit bulky when bending your hand during everyday activities. The Alta HR is definitely a comfier fit in that regard; however, it is also “taller” in that it isn’t flat. I’m kind of clumsy, and since it wouldn’t be flush with my arm like it would be with the Charge 2, I could easily see myself banging it on a door frame if I wasn’t being careful.


With that said, don’t feel pressured to make a decision right off the bat. Please feel free to visit your local store to speak with a store associate about your options or even purchase one outright to give it a try after checking out our comparison tool. If you don’t like the one you buy or decide you’d prefer the other model, we do have a Return and Exchange Promise in place for that very reason.


I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions for me, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll be happy to help however possible.



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Re: Fitbit recommendation between Alta HR and Charge 2

Thanks! for the feedback, Alexandra.  I have already visited a nearby Best Buy store and seen an associate. The Fitbits were on display prior to my purchase that day. Maybe I should of asked "may I try it on".  It does seem in the technical world we live in, always the fear of a product "electronic gizmo/ gadget" malfunctioning when you get home or as soon as the manufacturing company warranty expires. My oldest daughter had worked as a part time cashier at Best Buy for 18 months prior to attending College. She would try her darnest to pursuade customers to purchase the Geek Squad / Protection Plan as she would get a small reward/ incentive if she meets or go above the quota. It is required to ask and sell protection plans as it increases profits for Best Buy and also makes the Store image and management look better to the Corporate Headquarters. I rarely purchase any of BBY Protection Plans unless the item is expensive or known to have a high failure rate or easily broken (place a sign Don't Touch or Breathe - please stand back.  ha ha).  I look at the overall percentage or cost of Plan vs the product. Most times I opt out since the value of the product isn't worth the cost of the protection plan. I have purchased many things at BBY since 2001, so I am a BBY supporter / fan / or regular customer but only if the item is priced reasonable, generally on Sale too. I often perform much online research regarding price, quality, reliability and other people comments on an item prior to buying it. No one has unlimited wealth, well most of us don't but someone out there does and it isn't me.  Sorry, beginning to tell a long story or saying insignicant things no longer relevent.  I appreciate your 2 cents.  Just think if you had a penny for a thought each day and it multiplied every day .. you'd be rich by the time your reached 50 years old or something like that. Best to you and enjoy life. Be happy, stay healthy and be safe.

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Re: Fitbit recommendation between Alta HR and Charge 2

Is the heart rate somethiing you absolutely have your mind set on? The Flex 2 is a very usable device and slim in profile. And has accessories you can buy so it's worn as a bangle bracelet or a necklace. No HR monitor but can measure sleep



It also seems like it may be easy to lose as there is no locking band. like the Charge HR 2 that I have. 

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Re: Fitbit recommendation between Alta HR and Charge 2

Thanks for the helpful posts.
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Re: Fitbit recommendation between Alta HR and Charge 2

For me ALTA HR only

ALTA HR is a the slimmest fitness band with an HR monitor.It has a stainless steel body, a 1.4” inch OLED screen with a tap touch screen operation.

Fitbit ALTA HR has a step tracking feature, calorie and distance counter. It features auto exercise recognition, automatically detects your exercise like running or biking. One of the best health feature of the Fitbit beside heart rate monitor and pedometer is the auto sleep tracking, it can automatically track your sleep duration with sleep stages like light, deep and REM.

Alta HR has call and text and calendar alerts, customizable clock faces and other goal settings. There is also a huge improvement on the battery, instead of just 5 days of battery life like in the previous Alta, the Alta HR has 7 days of battery life in just one charge.


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Re: Fitbit recommendation between Alta HR and Charge 2


Is the heart rate something you have your heart set on? The Flex 2 is an extremely useful gadget with a low profile. It also comes with components that allow it to be used as a bangle bracelet or a necklace. There is no HR monitor, but sleep may be measured.

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Re: Fitbit recommendation between Alta HR and Charge 2

I have Fitbit Alta HR pros and it has all of these features Steps; Calories; Distance; Sleep; Active Minutes; Hourly Activity; Stationary Time.