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Can I go for a Listch walk or a high-intensity workout?

Hey Guys


I am a freelancer working on online platforms. Due to my job schedule, I have to sit most of the time in front of the screen. The screen time has also increased my appetite, and I consume more food than my normal routine. This led to my unhealthy weight gain, which in turn caused several health issues. I decided to join a gym and work out regularly to overcome this. But I am not comfortable working out at the gym as I feel shy and conscious in front of others. So, I started looking for home workout options. But my stamina is not good, so I cannot do high-intensity workouts. Also, I don't find enough time to work out at home as I am always busy with work or other chores. If I try, I can take out one or two hours from my routine, and I am planning to lose at least 8 kg weight and also want to maintain my weight so that I can be healthy and fit.

While doing my own research, I found some solutions, but I want to get a second opinion. Hope you guys will help me in finding the best diet and workout. Here are my concerns, have a look and help me out.


Can I go for a Listch walk or a high-intensity workout?


What are your views about pilates for weight loss?


I am a huge fan of yoga, but some people think it only stretches muscles and has nothing to do with weight loss? What do you think? Any personal experience of yoga in your weight loss journey?


Is it beneficial to hire a personal trainer? Or should I buy equipment and start my weight loss journey slowly?


To start my journey, I will need a smartwatch, exercise mats, apparel, and equipment. I don't want to waste too much money. So is there any website offering coupons or discount codes for workout apparel and equipment?


Hope I will get some suggestions! Thanks!

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Re: Can I go for a Listch walk or a high-intensity workout?

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Hello, symakhan. 


Thank you for reaching out to us via Forums about your situation. 


I do understand where you are coming with wanting to better yourself, I have personally been trying to better myself over the past year and I understand completely what you are going through. I would like to provide support for your situation and see what we can do to provide support. I do need to ask because I have not heard of it before, what is a Listch walk? Please do let me know soon, I will be awaiting your response.


Thank you,


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