The Icarus I Project

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Anyone who has called upon Geek Squad to help them out of a tech jam probably noticed the badge our Agent had clipped to his or her belt. In front. On the Agent’s left side.


What most people don’t know is there is set of principles and standards surrounding the way an Agent handles their badge. For instance, according to tradition, an Agent is required to carry their badge at all times. And Agents “may not use your badge to obtain free donuts more than once a month.” The badge is a symbol of being a member of an elite band of technology warriors and Agents, as a group, take them very seriously.



Icarus 1: Geek Squad sends Agent badge to the stratosphere

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎01-31-2013 05:39 PM (26,354 Views)

In 1926, Robert H. Goddard launched the first liquid propellant rocket. In 1957, the Russians launched Sputnik 1, the first satellite in space. In 1969, the Americans put a man on the moon. And on December 1, 2012, Geek Squad sent an Agent’s badge into low orbit.


Finding Your Way On Your Holiday Road Trip

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When I think back on the holiday family road trips of my youth, I mostly remember the fear of being lost after missing an exit on an unknown stretch of highway or the frustration of trying to find a gas station in a strange town. Technology – in the form of Global Positioning System (GPS) devices – have rendered those fears and frustrations things of the past.


Summertime = Road Trip (enhanced by tech!)

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Summer time is nearly upon us, the hot sun & blue skies bringing thoughts of road adventures.


Wired for Summer Travel

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Summer is fast approaching! Families are piling in the car and setting out on the Nation’s highways and skyways in search of an inexpensive and stress-free vacation. Here at the Geek Squad, we want to make sure you know about a few technologies available that will help ensure your vacation is safe, efficient and a little less stressful.


Geek Squad 2MM: Location-Based Services

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In this 2 Minute Miracle, Geek Squad Agents Ryan and Will explain location-based services.


Geek Squad 2MM: Tech-ercise for Marathons

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎04-14-2010 03:35 PM (19,679 Views)

Geek Squad Agents Ian and Ricky explain how you can use technology while training for your next road race.


Geek Squad 2MM: Connecting Your GPS in Your Car

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎12-17-2009 04:31 PM (15,499 Views)

Another thing to keep in mind when setting up your GPS is to make sure it has a direct signal to a satellite. We recommend setting it up while you’re outside, not while you’re inside (e.g. in your garage).


How to use Technology with Long Distance Relationships: A Geek Squad 2 Minute Miracle


GPS on Smartphones

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You are on the road. In a strange city. Heading to an appointment. At a location you’ve never been to before. In heavy traffic. (And heavy rain). And you are running a little late.


To add insult to injury, add in a paper printout map – you not only have misery refined, you have a very good possibility of ending up in a ditch. (Or somewhere worse).


In the Know About On-the-Go

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It’s vacation time! When I was deciding how to spend it, I knew there were two things I needed to think about in my hotel selection:


• Location – a hotel close to the attractions I wanted to visit

• Features – WiFi for the laptop. After all, even vacationing geeks like to have Internet access at the end of a long day touristing.


Here are a few things that may help simplify your travel this summer:


Laptop M.I.A.: Preventative Precautions

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Often, our enthusiasm overwhelms us when purchasing a new laptop or TV. Maybe it’s the fresh smelling aroma of manufactured plastics that encase these glorious devices, or what wondrous things they can help us do. But, that also means you should never let your guard down, as there can be evil lurking around the corner, ready to enjoy your tech just as much as you do.


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