Tips to Save Your Cell Phone this St. Patrick’s Day

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎03-08-2010 03:33 PM (15,950 Views)

There’s nothing that can ruin your holiday cheer like losing your cell phone to water damage. Fortunately, even if you drop your mobile in your Guinness this St. Patrick’s Day, Geek Squad has some tips to help save that phone. No lucky four leaf clovers required!


What’s the deal with T9?

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎12-31-2009 04:24 PM (11,825 Views)

It uses the same system used now to spell out words, such as 1-800-GEE-KSQUAD converting to 1-800-433-5778, or in the days of telephone operators where PennsylvniA 6-5000 became 726-5000.


5 ½ Unreal Star Trek Technologies

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎07-07-2009 09:03 PM (16,338 Views)

You can’t talk Star Trek without mentioning the wonderful future technologies that enable the Enterprise crew to survive their strange adventures every week. It’s even harder not to bring up the number of “future” 24th century tech predicted by the show that have actually become part of our daily lives. Cell phones for example.


Trek Tech: Gadgets That Boldly Went Where No Gadget Had Gone Before!

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎05-08-2009 09:01 PM - last edited on ‎07-14-2016 12:22 PM by Geek Squad Agent (15,819 Views)

There’s a new Star Trek movie coming out today and it got me thinking – what has Star Trek contributed to the modern-day universe? Could it be possible we owe some modern day conveniences to this long-running series of fictional TV shows and movies?


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