Your Tablet Sure Is Handy – But Is It Secure?

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎06-11-2013 03:55 PM (15,825 Views)

All of this mobility comes at a price. Identity theft is becoming a real concern, as mobile devices used on open wireless networks could expose your valuable private data to hackers out trolling for their next victim.


Unfortunately, it’s easy to approach security issues a bit too casually when using our tablets — like leaving it sticking out of our backpack while going to the counter for a refill or on the seat of an unlocked car. The very thing that makes these device so convenient also makes it more vulnerable to theft. If you use it to access your bank account, a resourceful thief could figure out how to follow the path into your account.


Our friends at the Naked Security blog recently posted a very handy article on steps you can take to make your tablet more secure. We think all tablet users would benefit from checking themselves against the advice here:


Securing a Tablet for Web Browsing in Six Easy Steps


If you need help setting up your new tablet or mobile email account,we’re here to help.

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