What Exactly is Geek Squad Computer Optimization?

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎09-29-2009 05:56 PM (16,684 Views)

More free time and less technology frustration!


A portion of the computers made available in Best Buy are put through a system functionality check that tests the hardware to ensure that when you get that brand new system home, it’s going to perform without issue.  This saves you the frustration of being the one client out of thousands buying computers daily who finds themselves with a bad PC part.


Geek Squad also saves you time with this pre-setup process by going through the boring part of getting a new PC, which is turning the system on only to watch Microsoft Windows go through its initial setup process.


As part of our Computer Optimization service, we also spare you the extra time of making sure your system has all the latest Windows operating system updates and security patches.  With the current state of Windows Service Packs, this can easily save you an hour or two of time between when you open the box and when you’re ready to go with your new PC.


Our Geek Squad Agents enable up to 100 system tweaks that improve PC performance and functionality, including optimized startup and shutdown, improved menu navigation, quick launch and taskbar cleanup and program shortcut creation.


Geek Squad can save you even more time by creating the restore CDs that will allow you to reload your operating system should something catastrophic ever happens to the system, or help you protect your family by installing security software that will shield your system from an unruly Internet.


All of this is done with the utmost care of our in-store Geek Squad Agents before that computer is resealed with the orange and white sticker that lets you know that the system inside is 100% ready to go the minute you bring it home, without the frustration and wasted time spent on setting everything up yourself. If your new computer hasn’t been pre-optimized, you can purchase the service at the time of sale.


Optimization might not be for everyone. But for those who want their computer to be ready to go out of the box, it might be worth thinking about.

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