Twitter Clickjacking

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎02-18-2009 10:30 PM (15,808 Views)

Apparently a string of malicious code infiltrated Twitter’s servers, causing many users to unknowingly post a hyperlink stating “Don’t Click Here.” Once clicked, the clicker gets their own Twitter account hacked and the shenanigans continues to spread to other fellow tweeters. Fortunately, the code was only an annoyance and didn’t inflict any damage to user’s machines or accounts. Twitter responded quickly by putting an end to the malicious code by patching it up.


Although the problem was stopped, tweeters shouldn’t let their guard down. Sure it seemed like a harmless online prank, but it shows how even popular sites like Twitter can be compromised. Rest assured, as Twitter’s popularity continues to grow, so will the attempts at exploiting the service. Here are three simple tips we’ve prepared to help ensure your tweets remain problem free:


  1. Be cautious when clicking on any link. If you hover your mouse over any hyperlink, you can view the actual web address you will be directed to. If you feel that the now displayed web address seems legitimate, then proceed to view it.
  2. As always, make sure your anti-virus/spyware scanners are set to block fraudulent pop-ups/phishing Web sites. Having proper protection is always a must when using the Internet.
  3. Avoid accepting/reading online messages from users you do not know. Most scammed material usually comes from another random infected user or bot.
  4. Change you password often using random letters, numbers, and symbols to ensure you account is secure. For tips on how to choose a secure password, check out our Two Minute Miracles video on the subject here

If you feel you’ve already been compromised or if you’re in search of more tips, feel free to contact any of your local Geek Squad Agents through, call 1-800-GeekSquad or stop by your nearest precinct inside your local Best Buy.

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