Thinking About Changing Your OS? Some Points to Ponder

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎01-10-2010 04:19 PM (19,806 Views)

But there are some important things to bear in mind when you do.


Hardware issues: Switching an OS will not void hardware protections like a manufacturer warranty or Geek Squad Black Tie Protection should you experience hardware failures, but these would not cover driver related issues. Drivers tell your operating system how to handle your hardware, and driver problems could prevent them from working properly. This might keep your notebook’s webcam from working, or limit your printer’s capabilities. You should always make sure you have the updated drivers for any equipment you have.


System requirements: Some operating systems require particular specifications which might vary from what the “native” OS requires: memory, disk space, even processor. For example, Boot Camp will only work on an Intel-based Mac.

Limited Support Options:

While the Geek Squad remains committed to the “any coordinates, any operating system, anytime” philosophy, many hardware and software manufacturer’s may limit support for different OSs. They may release drivers and software but essentially make them “use at your own risk”.


Have a backup plan: As with anything involving a computer, make sure you have a backup plan both for your data and for your OS. If your computer did not come with restore disks make sure you burn them BEFORE you blow out the OS to install Linux, so you have a point to fall back on.


There is a lot to be gained from using an alternate operating system on your computer. Just make sure you are properly prepared for some of the hurdles it may introduce.

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