The Best Star Trek Tie-Ins

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Phaser iPhone App




First up, get ready to set your Phasers to Stun! Paramount has recently released a new iPhone app (which you can download here) that allows iPhoners the ability to transform their handheld communication devices into lethal weapons of fun! Of course, these are all based off the new movie release version so this might not appeal to die-hard Star Trek fans. In any case, this free application lets you put yourself in control of one of the popular phasers so you can take on a friend, or compete with the single player’s high score board.


Phaser Gun and Tricorder


Now if you’re looking for something a bit more hands on, I’d recommend getting your hands on Playmates’ new role playing toys. Playmates released an actual Phaser gun and a Tricorder. Now, I’m sure none of these toys can stand up to the actual replicas that some fans have gone out and created, but from a strictly toy perspective, I’d say these would be pretty fun for the younger viewers out there.




The Playmates Star Trek Phaser does feature a Stun/Vaporize, that toggles between a red or blue colored light. So basic functionality remains intact, but it does sacrifice some of the aesthetic features as screws can be easily seen even at a quick glance. Other than that, the toy itself is pretty solid and should be loads of fun.

The Tricorder has a rather sleek design and opens up just like it should! It features about six sounds from the movie to help make you feel like you’re part of the enterprise. It’s a pretty sturdy device and gets the job done!


Star Trek Barbie Dolls


Picture 23.png


Whoever said that girls can’t have in on the Star Trek fun clearly hasn’t seen Mattel’s new merchandise. Mattel is releasing Star Trek Barbies to accompany the movie release. They will feature accessories like the Phaser and Communicator. Maybe Mattel can finally get my girlfriend to enjoy Sci-Fi like I do with these? These dolls aren’t exactly my cup of tea, but who knows, maybe they’ll catch on.






Those who are looking to “Boldly go where no man has gone before” can give these Star Trek colognes a shot! Genki is releasing some top notch cologne. The bottles feature colors that match the Enterprise’s uniform colors along with some pretty fancy looking packaging embossed with a silhouette of Captain James T. Kirk’s head. Now I personally haven’t tried these out just yet, but in the name of Star Trek, I think I just might give these a shot as they do look pretty enticing.


Keep in mind these are just a few of the products that have come out in time for the movie. I’m sure there will be plenty more items that will be coming out as the movie release date draws near. With Star Trek in the recent spotlight, hopefully new fans will come to enjoy what we veterans have already experienced.

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