Tech Resolution: Save Your Stuff!!

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎01-11-2012 01:29 PM (12,243 Views)

But what about things like tax records, photographs, and music?  Used to be, we kept those things in drawers, books, and file cabinets.  Not anymore.   These days, a lot of what’s important to us are strings of zeros and ones, as more and more of our priceless documents and memories are stored on computers.


Computers aren’t foolproof, and accidents happen that can cause data loss.  It’s important to be prepared.  Why take chances with things that are important?  Make a New Year’s resolution to back up your data, and we Geek Squad Agents can help make it a reality.  Let me break it down – here are a few different solutions for a few different people.


  • Flash Drive: Small, inexpensive storage, this device is ideal for a business professional on the go.  Just stick it into the side of your laptop!  The drive will show up with its own letter in My Computer, so you can easily drag your most important files into it.

    The small size makes it easy to lose and those with a lot of data to store may run out of room quickly.


  • External Hard Drive:Perfect for media hounds, or families with only one computer.  External hard drives have large capacities!  Buy one as big as the hard drive in the computer you own, and set your computer to back up your files once a week.  Both Windows and Apple machines have backup options built right into the operating system.  Check out the Backup and Restore feature for Windows, and Time Machine for Apple.Drawbacks: More expensive than flash memory and external hard drives can also be bulky to transport.


  • Network Attached Storage (or NAS drive): Like an external hard drive, but typically with more storage, these are hard drives that can be accessed by multiple computers and devices in your home.  They’re perfect for families with many computers and a lot of files, and some can even be accessed wirelessly!  It’s like giving your family their own personal cloud.  Check out this two terabyte NAS devicehere.Drawbacks: NAS devices require a router, and can be tricky to integrate into your home network.  If you don’t have our number – oh wait, you do.


  • EyeFi SD Card: This device is perfect for those on vacation.  Essentially, it’s an SD card with the ability to access the internet – just stick it in your camera and it will use the internet to send your pictures to your computer.  That way, if you drop your camera off the Golden Gate Bridge, at least you won’t lose the pictures.  Check out a 8GB Eye-Fi Card here.Drawbacks: Requires a wireless internet connection to work.


  • Cloud Storage: If you use a lot of different computers and want to be able to access your data anywhere you go, or if you don’t like the idea of keeping track of another accessory, then cloud storage may be right for you.  The Cloud is a place where you can send your files to keep them safe if anything should happen to your computer.  You can access the files anywhere that you have an internet connection.  Many online companies offer Cloud storage, including SugarSync and Symantec (Norton.)  They’ll give you software that backs up your files for you, too – so no need to worry about it.  Some companies will even have data-management apps that you can install on your tablet or smartphone.Drawbacks: Backing your files up to the cloud requires an internet connection, and most services charge an annual or monthly fee.



We all have things that are important to us.  Don’t let the intangibility of your most important documents and memories stop you from taking steps to protect it.  As you can see, there’s a solution out there for everyone, and as always, your friendly neighborhood Geek Squad Agent is just a phone call away.  Chat with an Agent today atHttp://, at 1-800-GeekSquad, or stop by for a visit at your local Geek Squad Precinct in Best Buy.

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