Tech Isn’t Just For the Young

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When I hear stories like a 104 year old Twitter user (Ivy Bean), I wonder if it’s our own reservations that keep us older folks from diving into the latest and greatest tech. Children are less likely to allow the intimidation of new technology get in the way of using it.


I see plenty of examples of younger people not automatically and immediately understanding technology. Many computers I work on have viruses and spyware that came from a teenager downloading music or movies off a peer 2 peer file sharing network and not understand the risks of doing so.


On the other hand, we’re seeing plenty of examples of the explosion of the older generation and their use of technology. An article from Cnet shows that the percentage of Twitter users between age 55 and 64 is the same as the percentage between 18 and 24, and most of its users are 35 and older. Facebook is seeing some of its largest growth in users between the age of 35 and 44.

As I’ve seen time and again while on-site helping my clients, once they get over the intimidation of new technology, they pick it up just as easy as anyone else, regardless of age.


Don’t forget though, even if you do get a little intimidated, Geek Squad is available online or in your local Best Buy to help you get the confidence to overcome that new technology and allow you to use it to improve your everyday life.

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