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by Geek Squad Agent on ‎11-24-2011 01:45 PM (8,938 Views)

Whether you need help getting to your crazy Aunt Edith’s house, baking that perfect pumpkin pie, scoring hot deals on Black Friday or just amusing your friends and relatives, there are a plethora of apps that can make this Thanksgiving holiday a more enjoyable (or at least a bearable) one.



  • For the Kitchen Geek: Are you hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year? Or maybe you’re the seasoned veteran looking to streamline your process? With the Thanksgiving Planner app (Android, $0.99), you can get better organized and have a less stressful holiday. The application comes preloaded with a checklist of 163 items that will help you break down the workload into smaller, more manageable chunks. You can even tailor the list to your own needs by adding or removing events. The Thanksgiving Planning Check List on, has the same type of feature,s allowing you to plan for everything a Thanksgiving dinner may entail.


  • Turkey Fixin’s: Need some instructions on how to carve the bird or craft the perfect pumpkin pie? The Thanksgiving Recipe app (iPhone, free) offers step-by-step instructions on how to prepare, cook and carve your Thanksgiving Day turkey, as well as how to make your own pumpkin pie from scratch. A Geek Squad Agent can’t cook the turkey, but if you have any questions about using your technology in the kitchen, there are more than 20,000 Agents across the country ready to help. Step-by-step instructions aren’t your thing? Check out Holiday Kitchen–Turkey Time (Android, $2.99). It’s more akin to an instructional video than an application in that it shows you a 5- or 6-minute video that demonstrates how to cook that perfect turkey.


  • Fun with the Family: Thanksgiving Turkey Calls (Android and iPhone, free) allows your smartphone to make authentic turkey calls–a perfect way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit (or annoy your elders when they banish you to the “kids” table.) You can choose from 12 different warbles, and each call includes a small fact explaining what that gobble means. Use them to entertain yourself and family members.


  • Phone Turkey Fun: Put your phone in a festive mood with Thanksgiving Wallpapers (Android and iPhone , free). You can choose from several different scenes, including various Thanksgiving motifs such as pumpkins, turkey, corn and other fall images.


  • Travel Made Easy: One part contacts list, one part Google Maps,Trippster (Android , free) will help you travel to your holiday destination. The clean and straightforward layout makes importing your contacts and keeping track of your trips easy, giving you quick access to the addresses you navigate to frequently. The free Trapster app (iPhone, free) app provides drivers with alerts as you approach speed changes, red light and speed cameras, police check points, accidents and other road hazards. The “Caravan” option also lets you communicate with people in other vehicles if you happen to be following someone.


  • Shop ‘Til you Drop! Thanksgiving isn’t just all about turkey, stuffing, and football–it’s also about planning your route to all the Black Friday sales. Luckily you have the Black Friday Survival Guide app (Android and iPhone, free) installed on your phone to help you move efficiently through the mobs of shoppers. The app lists the latest sales as they happen, and lets you browse through sales by store and category. If you come by a Best Buy on Black Friday, don’t forget to stop by the Geek Squad counter and say, “Hi!”


If you prefer to do your post-Thanksgiving shopping on Cyber Monday, just remember to protect your personal information to ensure you’re shopping safely and securely online. If you need help securing your WiFi network or if you have questions about shopping on your smartphone, tablet or computer, contact the Geek Squad at 1-800-GEEK SQUAD, or at any Best Buy store.


At Geek Squad we know how important it is that the turkey comes out perfectly, and how stressful it can be managing a large family gathering.  Hopefully these apps will help you achieve the perfect day!  For help with all your technology needs, don’t hesitate to call 1.800 GEEK SQUAD to set up an onsite consultation, or visit the Geek Squad Precinct at Best Buy and other locations to speak with an Agent directly.  As always, Geek Squad Agents are standing by 24/7/365 atHttp://  Every day, even on Thanksgiving, we are here to police your technology and protect the world.  Just don’t ask us how long to cook that turkey for.  We usually order in.

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