Summertime = Road Trip (enhanced by tech!)

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When such urges beckoned in the past, our forefathers would hitch a team of oxen to their covered Conestoga wagon, make sure they had plenty of spare axles, and hit the trail.  Of course, such journeys took months, with the only excitement being river crossings, dealing with bandits or other attacks, and occasional bison stampedes.


These days we’re a little better prepared to deal with long hours in a moving vehicle. Hazards on the modern highway are easily dealt with, it is difficult to get lost, food is delivered to us in disposable cardboard boxes, and the long miles of our journey can be eased with a variety of modern entertainments.


Forging ahead


Even with the entire country mapped out for us, it can be easy to get lost.  Fortunately, technology can help get us back on track.  Many of today’s smartphones have GPS functionality, alerting one to such important destinations as gas stations, rest stops, and dining areas.  Even if one doesn’t have a smartphone, a car can easily be fitted in-dash with any of a number of GPS devices by our expert Autotech Agents!


Bringing the information superhighway to anactual superhighway


Let’s face it – the worst road trip we’ve ever had probably didn’t involve dysentery. (And if it did, we’re guessing you have bigger problems on your hands.)  But hours spent suffering in a stuffy vehicle with screaming children and bored adults can be its own special form of hardship.  Ease your burdens by making your vehicle into a modern home away from home – with all the comforts of a fast and reliable internet connection.  Mobile hotspots let you carry the internet with you (no cords, no problem).   Your passengers will be able to play online games, watch YouTube videos, check their email and stay up-to-date with their Facebook friends with minimal interruptions.


Don’t forget the memories


In the past, all we had were pencils and paints to capture the kitchy-ness of a roadside attraction, or the majesty of an untamed vista.  Today, the sky is the limit.  Let your passengers direct the story of your journey by equipping them with an arsenal of digital media equipment.  A “shoot and share” camcorder like the Kodak Playsport ZX5 is a durable movie-making companion, while allowing you to download (and edit) the videos on any laptop, and the Samsung WB150 Smart Camera with built in Wifi (or even any digital camera with an Eye-Fi card loaded) lets you upload pictures of your journey to the web as fast as you can take them.


Safety First!


Last on this list, but first in our hearts — please remember that safety is paramount when embarking upon your epic journey.  Stop frequently, hydrate, and always let your copilot take responsibility for cell phones, logistics, navigation, and other two-handed activities.  Eyes on the road, traveler, and bring a driving buddy if you want a turn playing Oregon Trail on your smartphone.


Safety is also important for your technology!  Dust, heat, exposure, andaccidents can all contribute to a broken device, a ruined day, and (potentially) a ruined vacation.  Don’t get lost, mad, or upset.  Geek Squad Black Tie Protection on newly purchased technology can help ensure broken or damaged tech can get back up and running again.


May your journeys this summer (short or long!) have all the comforts of modern technology, and none of the headaches.  And as always, Geek Squad Agents are just around the corner at your local Best Buy to offer additional advice, or help bring your American Road Trip experience out of the covered wagon and into the modern age.  Buckle up!

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