Steve Jobs: The Passing of a Legend

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎10-06-2011 02:05 PM (14,095 Views)

Steve’s impact on modern computing is incalculable. When you look at technology (MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, and laptop/desktops) in pop culture, hardly a segment of it doesn’t have Steve’s handwriting all over it.


Steve had a unique vision. It didn’t always buy him friends. He was a perfectionist in every sense of the word.  “Good enough” wasn’t in his lexicon — and aren’t we glad for that! He was an uncompromising visionary, and his vision & drive brought a true marriage of form and function together in Apple products that first delighted print and design professionals, and then the rest of the world.


Each Apple Keynote with Steve was a magical event, looked forward to with great anticipation. “What new piece of technological wizardry will he unveil now?”, we’d ask, sitting on the edge of our seats. And like the master showman that he was, Steve would spin it out like a well-crafted yarn — releasing tidbits slowly, bit by bit, until — with a final flourish — he’d unveil the final bit of magic. Whether it be a new iPod, new iPad, Macbook or the like, he did it with style — and the people voted with their pocketbooks, gobbling up the new technology and cementing his impact on the world.


The loss of Steve came like a blow yesterday. Yes, we all knew it would happen eventually — and when he stepped down as CEO, I figured it would be sooner rather than later. That still didn’t lessen the impact when I heard he was gone.


Steve: you walked the land as a giant. You showed us the power of true belief, what happens when you aren’t afraid to dream, and are willing to follow thought with action. You showed that it is possible to marry form and function, creative design and excellence in performance — all with class and style. You inspired a new generation of dreamers, and left your mark upon the land.


You will be remembered.


Farewell, Steve.

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