Staying Connected on Valentine’s Day

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Which makes recognizing that special someone on Valentine’s Day even more important.


Fortunately, the technology that makes it easy for your boss to track you down is also making it easier for you to stay connected to your partner. Here is a rundown of some handy apps and online tools for couples.




Avocado is an app designed especially for couples. Available for iPhone, Android and Web browsers, this app allows you to privately chat with your partner, share photos, edit the same “to do” list, set up dates on one another’s calendar and even send each other doodles. One you down load the app, it will ask to provide your partner’s email address so the app can send him/her an invitation to join you. Once accepted, the app will offer its connection functionality to just you and your partner. The app compiles your interactions, forming a timeline that traces the history of your time together. It even allows you to send kisses to your partner. Of course, you have to kiss your phone to do it, but it’s the thought that counts.




Another entrant into the couples-app market is Couple, The App for Two. Much of its functionality is similar to Avocado, featuring a private chat space, a shared calendar and list-keeping capabilities. There is also a location sharing feature that could be handy when you cannot respond directly to your lover’s call. A nice feature of Couple is that it allows you to place a phone call to your partner from inside the app, allowing you to connect directly with the object of your desire without having to close out of Couple and fire up your phones calling functionality.


A cute feature of this app is the Thumb Kiss. While chatting with your partner, you can both put your thumbs on the screen at the same time, making your phone vibrate and your thumbprints show on the phone’s screen. Yeah, not as good as the real thing, but at least your don’t have to kiss your phone.




Between is similar to Avocado and Couple, providing a private and secure chat space for couples, a shared calendar and space set up to share photos and notes. This app does not have a ‘kiss’ function like the previous two, but it user interface is the best of all three – clear, well-rendered and easy to use. It handles photographs quiet well and stacks your interactions in a nice, intuitive fashion. And its home page features your partner’s city and associated weather, helping you feel close even when you may be a continent apart.




For those of us who like to keep our relationships private, there is the industry-leader in photo swapping apps – Snapchat. What is more fun and endearing than getting a goofy picture from the one you love. The fact that all Snapchat pictures self-destruct after ten seconds allows for some special creativity with the app. Users can even put captions on their pictures. Although the service maintains that all images disappear ten seconds after they are sent, Snapchat has been involved in some situations lately where the app’s security has been compromised and some of the photos have been stolen. So no matter what the software manufacturer tells you, nothing on the web is totally secure. It is always a good idea to be careful what images your share online.


Skype and Google+ Hangout


Video chat is, after all, the next best thing to being there. While couples apps are designed to track your relationship on your mobile device, nothing beats being able to chat with your partner in real time. Skype’s simple, tried-and-true functionality has been connecting lovers and families for more than ten years. The simple combination of video chatting, instant messaging and file sharing remains the gold standard for online video chat. Not many companies are given the privilege of having their name turned into a verb – eg. “I’ll Skype you.” There is now a version of the app that works with mobile devices.


The Google Hangouts service provides many of the functions you would expect from the teleconferencing service you use during the day. Not only will it let you IM and video chat with your partner, but also has a feature that lets you two watch the same TV show, movie or video. The functionality even allows for group calls. Probably not a function you will use with your baby on Valentine’s Day, but it’s nice to know it’s there. Hangouts are also available for smartphones.


So, if you are going to be separated from your special someone on St. Valentine’s Day, we feel for you. Maybe one of these couple’s or video-chatting apps will take the sting away.

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