Smartphone + St. Patrick’s Day: Don’t Go Crying Over Spilt Beer

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎03-15-2012 02:43 PM - last edited on ‎07-14-2016 11:43 AM by Geek Squad Agent (17,551 Views)

Sometimes, however, this can lead to just a little bit TOO much fun. Whoops! Someone spilled green beer all over your table and your new smart phone. What to do???


No need to panic. Grab a  towel and check out this Geek Squad handy-dandy guide to save your cell phone from liquid damage.


Before we look at drying out your phone, let’s talk about how to prevent liquid damage from happening in the first place.


First, do not lay your phone on any surface around or near liquid. Keep it away from your pitcher of green beer, be careful where you put it  in the bathroom (we’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks) or anywhere else it has the potential to be dropped into or covered in liquid. Keep your phone in your pocket/purse, backpack, man bag, satchel, bag of holding, or whatever else you use to carry around  your personal treasures.


You might want to invest in a water-resistant case to protect your phone. Try a case like the Otterbox or the very versatile, fully waterproof Lifeproof cases. If you’re still not a fan of using cell phone cases, you can have your cell phone waterproofed by the folks at Liquipel. While the initial investment for waterproofing can run anywhere from $50-$100, it’s completely worth avoiding water damage to your phone or the high costs of replacing/repairing them.


If it’s already too late and your cell got dropped into liquid after a fight with an ornery leprechaun, here’s that guide we spoke about earlier:


Update – It is important to remember that the modern smartphone has a harder time recovering from submersion than your old flip-phone did. There is a lot more processing power in newer phones which make them susceptible to shorting out if water hits the wrong contacts. And, with more solid-state components, a smartphone is just harder to get totally dry if it gets submerged in liquid. So, while the above steps give you the best chance to recover your most frequently used piece of technology, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


That should take care of it! With a little foresight you can avoid such problems. But quick response should your phone and emerald-hued alcohol come into a rendezvous with each other, you can avoid having to say “farewell” to your trusted communication side arm. That is until you see the latest eye candy version and want to upgrade. Good luck, and check back for more articles!

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