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by Geek Squad Agent on ‎05-15-2009 08:33 PM (20,050 Views)

Many major US airlines have begun offering passengers a wireless internet connection in-flight. As long as your device has a wireless internet card (wireless B or G), you should be able to connect while in-flight (usually for a fee). But what do you do when you are jetting at 35,000 feet and have a connection issue? Here are a few quick tips that might get your WiFi up and running. And they will even work if you’re having trouble connecting in other public WiFi spots (like Starbucks for example).


1) Check your laptop’s wireless card on/off switch. You wouldn’t believe how often this is the problem. There’s usually some sort of indicator light to show when the wireless card is on or off (often next to a symbol that looks like a tower with parentheses around it something like (( i )) ).


2) If the WiFi is on but your computer won’t pick up any wireless networks, you might want to check with some official nearby to make sure the network is enabled. Or even check with a neighbor to see if they’re having trouble.


3) Should you be able to see a WiFi network but not connect, try a) temporarily turning off your firewall, b) turning the wireless card off then back on, c) checking to see if there is a password and d) making sure you have input a method of payment for the service (if required). If all else fails, try restarting your computer all together.


4) Can’t get to one Web site but other Web sites work fine? Certain Web sites might be blocked. File sharing ones usually are, and on airplanes in particular, voice-over-IP services (telephone via internet) and music streaming sites are usually blocked.


One more thing to keep in mind when accessing WiFi on the go is that laptops have batteries and batteries can go dead. Make sure your laptop is charged prior to leaving the house. For airplanes, you should check with your airline to see if they offer “travel power” on board. This typically will be in the form of cigarette-lighter adaptors. You may purchase one of these adaptors from your laptop manufacturer’s list of approved accessories. If you choose to purchase a generic adaptor instead, please be sure to read the packaging carefully and match the voltage/amperage of your existing adaptor.


I hope these few tips help keep you connected while on the go. If all else fails, always remember to pack a book – it’s a good backup to no WiFi!

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