Putting Green Back into the Environment and Your Wallet

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1. When an electronic device is plugged in, it is drawing a current of electricity – often called “phantom power” or “vampire power.” You’d be surprised at how quickly that little amount of electricity adds up. So, when the products aren’t in use, unplug them or switch the power off on your power supply.


If it isn’t convenient to unplug your product, you can purchase a smart power protection strip that cut down on phantom power. A smart power strip has a “master” outlet that controls the six or eight other “slave” outlets. When the power usage of the master outlet decreases, it automatically turns off the slave outlets. For example, if you have your computer plugged in to the master, and the computer is shut off, any peripherals plugged into the slaves (printer, scanner, etc.) will be turned off.


Some of the biggest draws of phantom power are video game consoles, cable boxes and even phone chargers. Unplugging these, or utilize a smart power strip, allow you to save your need for electricity saving both the environment and your monthly energy bill.


2. Another thing you can do is recycle your old electronics. All Best Buy stores will take back your old consumer electronics. Or, you can always trying selling your unwanted tech on popular sites such as eBay.

We also have a Two Minute Miracle video that covers this topic. You can view it below.




Happy Earth Day!

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