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As our lives become busier and we’re found to be spending more time on the move, we rely on our phones to be our central command for all our communications, and entertainment when you have a spare minute. Due to this it’s completely crucial that we keep our phones protected, and in working order.1 in 3 phones.PNG


Phone cases and screen protectors are a great first line of defense but they’re not impervious to all damage. For that extra layer of security and peace of mind, our Geek Squad Protection is here to make sure that no matter where life takes you, your phone makes it with you.Cases.PNG


Our Geek Squad Protection plan not only covers your phone against the common cracked screen but also offers a one-time battery replacement if your original fails to hold a charge, as well as the accessories that come with your device such as the headphones, and home charger.


For those of you who truly want the most protection for your phone we also offer our Geek Squad Complete Protection which includes all of the benefits that our standard plan covers but includes loss and theft protection.


For our customers who enjoy the perks of pre-paid and unlocked phones, 1 year Geek Squad Product Replacement plans are available to keep your phone covered and 2 year plans are available for unlocked devices. Service fees apply. 


As a reminder to anyone who may be switching phones from an upgrade or for a replacement, make sure to visit our blog that talks about how to prep your phone for the swap.




With our Geek Squad Service Plans we hope to inspire our customers to venture out confidently. Drop a comment letting us know any questions you have or where your plan has come in to save the day!




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