Pop-up Geek Squad Precinct at Main Chicago Airport

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Anyone who has traveled by air lately is aware of the spotty or non-existent airport Wi-Fi and the clusters of people charging their cellphones at the random open outlets between gates. This year, we are trying to de-stress the holiday travel experience for people flying through O’Hare in Chicago.


From Dec. 15 through Dec. 23, we will be operating a pop-up Geek Squad Precinct in Terminal 3, Concourse H at O’Hare. Our temporary presence will be staffed by full-fledged Agents who will be available to help travelers charge their phones and mobile devices, provide reliable Internet access and help relieve travel-related tech troubles. Our site will feature phone charging stations as well as a number of tablets and a desktop machine available to travelers so they can go online and take care of a bit of business before they board. The booth will even have two photo cutouts so all the ‘wannabes’ can get photographs of themselves in full Agent regalia.




“O’Hare is one of the busiest airports in the U.S. It’s an ideal venue to give the gift of Geek Squad during what is always a hectic and intense holiday travel season,” said Chris Askew, president of Geek Squad Services. “That’s the idea behind it — to surprise and delight holiday travelers who may need some advice and guidance. If we can be helpful to people during this period, then we’ve achieved our objective.”


Agents will not only help travelers at the booth, but will also wander the concourses of O’Hare, charging mobile devices and dispensing tech fixes and advice to the clients and potential clients as they wing their way to their holiday festivities. If you happen to be passing through O’Hare over the next few days, take a minute and stop by to say “Hi.” We’d love to see you.

If you are planning to travel over the holidays, we have put together a couple blog posts focused on things to think about when you travel with tech. You may want to take a spin through these before you finish packing your suitcase.


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