Pokémon Go Update

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Niantic, the firm behind the immensely popular Pokémon Go game for Android and iOS, launched it's latest update of the game (0.33 for Android and 1.3 for iOS) on August 8. The new release brings back battery-saving mode and introduces an updated “Sightings” feature that can be used to track Pokémon in the wild to replace the broken “footsteps” feature.


We can't be sure which players in which locations have been selected to test the new update, although there’s confirmations of players all over the Pokémon Go Reddit forums including www.reddit.com/user/alexleavitt, who shared his observations. For a pretty cool video which talks about the “nearby” + “sightings” system that is currently hotly debated.


Niantic also added safety features to the game to help prevent playing while driving, and verification that the person playing is a passenger in the moving vehicle. This feature is similar to the WAZE driving app which is able to tell if a person is inputting data while the vehicle is moving. The driving feature also warns players that they are moving too fast to hatch eggs.


Additional updates include changes to badges and trainer features that allow players to change their avatar name. For more info and a full list of changes, visit the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.


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