Pamper Your Electronics: Treat Them to a Spring Cleaning

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With the fresh scent of spring blowing our cares away and awakening us from our sluggish winter torpor, now is the perfect time to treat your electronics to a refreshing spring cleaning .


Just as dead skin can clog pores and lint can block up lint traps, dust in our electronics can cause major malfunctions.  Laptop and desktop computers, with their cooling fans and contained cases, are especially notorious for being dust magnets.  Grime covered fans can jam, causing machines to overheat.  Dust blowing from the vents in your computer can cover your furniture with unsightly grey fuzz.  An especially filthy computer could even be a fire hazard if left on for an extended period of time!


Fortunately, a vigorous application of compressed air will send the dirt packing and make your PC feel years younger.  We recommend taking your computer into the garage (or any other dry, sheltered outdoor area) for this task, or have a vacuum handy, lest you desire to breathe deeply of the billowing clouds that may result.


Have a can of compressed air primed and ready? Yes? Ok, stop trying to scare the cat with it, and follow these simple steps:


  1. Turn off and unplug your computer. (If it is a laptop, remove your battery as well.)
  2. If it is a desktop, remove the screws holding the side of the case on, and remove the side cover, exposing the interior.
  3. With gentle, steady spurts from the can of air, blow any exposed vents or fans that you can see on the back or bottom of your computer’s case.
  4. Watch dust come out. (If you aren’t wearing an air filter, proceed to cough and choke.)
  5. Be amazed!


Now that the interior is clean, let’s look at the outside, shall we? Make the screens of your electronics more beautiful and renew their original luster and brilliance by treating them to a gentle scrub as part of your spring cleaning.  A microfiber cloth and screen cleaning solution is all you need to free your televisions, cameras, cell phones, and computers from the built-up smears and smudges of a winter spent indoors.


With your electronics powered off and in a brightly lit location, try this:


  1. Spray cleaning solution on a clean microfiber cloth (not the screen!) until it is lightly damp.
  2. With back and forth motions, gently wipe down the surface of your screen until it is clean and bright.
  3. If necessary, re-spray cleaning solution on the microfiber cloth and repeat steps 1 & 2.
  4. Be careful! Pressing too hard could result in damage to your screen.



Computers and television screens aren’t the only devices that could use a fresh start this spring.  The things we touch every day naturally accumulate dirt!  It’s a good idea to wipe down  your mouse, your keyboard, and any shiny, dust-collecting surfaces of other home electronic devices.with  antistatic electronic cleaning wipes. Always remember – clean electronics are happy electronics. (At least, in our world they are.)


Have a computer that’s really dusty?  Don’t want to get your hands dirty?  That’s ok.  The Agents at your local Geek Squad Precinct are equipped with stout hearts (and rubber gloves),. andwill banish the dust from your PC without fear.  Bring your computer to us today for a tune up that includes cleaning, or consider investing in a Tech Support subscription that offers virus removals, physical cleaning, and other services for up to three devices.

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