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by Geek Squad Agent on ‎02-03-2009 11:02 PM (10,868 Views)

For those not in the know (or haven’t seen our Two Minute Miracle video on the subject), Twitter’s functionality allows users to push forth short updates known as “tweets,” (usually within 140 characters or less), to friends who have subscribed to follow their posts. Think of it as text messaging for the masses.


The most popular way to update a Twitter account is to go directly to Twitter.com or send a text message via a mobile phone. These two methods are fairly simple and are just the tip of the iceberg for Twitter applications. Numerous applications have been released which transform Twitter into a more complex and exciting communication method.

Here are a few unique Twitter applications you might want to check out:


tweetDeck – (Beta) – A desktop based application from Adobe Air that helps you organize your tweets and keep them automatically categorized based on your preference.


Loopt – Not necessarily a Twitter specific application, but Loopt combines Twitter, MySpace and Facebook so your tweets show up simultaneously in all three by updating only one application. It also utilizes the iPhone’s internal GPS to determine where you or your friends are located.


Twinkle – Strictly an iPhone application available as a free download at Apple’s iTunes’s Store. Twinkle uses the iPhone’s location tracking to inform your Twitter followers where you’re posting your tweet from. It also allows the viewing of tweets from nearby Twitter posters.


Like I said, there are a ton of applications out there, and above are just a taste. If you are looking for the full meal, a great starting place can be found here. Happy tweeting.

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