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by Geek Squad Agent on ‎03-24-2009 09:52 PM (17,631 Views)

Until we’ve perfected that technology , we’ve launched another project to provide instant computer support at the speed of the Internet: Geek Squad Online Support.


As a Geek Squad field Agent, I’m excited about this new project. It provides our clients another option for unrivaled technology support, besides our on-site service (available through 1-800 GEEK SQUAD) and our in-store repair options in Geek Squad Precincts across the country.


The Virtual Agents staffing this new service offering were chosen for their elite computer skills, as well as their amazing skills at dealing with people. Each of the Virtual Agents has a wealth of experience from previous assignments (both in store and in field), which means clients will be dealing with someone who not only knows how to solve their technological woes, but do it in a way that reduces their techo-stress.


I’ve worked with three of the newly minted Virtual Agents in the past, and they seem pretty pumped about this new opportunity to support Geek Squad clients. “The experience is a blast,” said Agent Mike when I asked him how it feels.


Potential clients can read the Virtual Agent profiles and chose the one they want to help them, making it possible to build a relationship with someone they know and trust for any questions or issues that arise in the future.


According to Agent Mike, “Clients are very responsive to the service” — and the ratings left for the Virtual Agents prove it.

So, while we may not yet have a time machine OR a teleportation device (hey, give us a little time to work out the kinks!), you can access our Virtual Agents by doing the following:


Visit “Online Support” at


Choose the solution you need, and select an online Agent.

Connect to the Agent and watch your problem being solved.

Done! Relax and rate your experience!



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