National Clean Out Your Computer Day

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Cleanup That Computer

Having trouble finding a particular photo from your family trip four years ago? Finding yourself with multiple copies of the same document and not sure which edits are the latest? February 13th just happens to be National Clean Out Your Computer Day

Observed on the second Monday in February, serves as a reminder that your computer often needs to be cleaned up and organized just like your desk or filing cabinet. 

Remove Unused Programs

It's not uncommon to find that a computer has a number of programs that were installed, used a few times, and then largely forgotten. Whether it's that game you beat years ago or that video editor you only needed to put together that video of your sister's birthday, it's often a good idea to visit your list of installed programs and sort by date installed. 

Sorting by installation date helps make it clear what programs you've installed years ago and haven't needed since. While having that software installed normally shouldn't hurt the computer, uninstalling unneeded software helps free up hard drive space and removes any unnecessary startup items that may impact performance. And it's one less thing for your antivirus software to scan while protecting your computer.

Organize Your Desktop

Let's face it, a computer's desktop is a great place to temporarily store files while working on a project. That said, it's very easy to end up with a confusing screen full of files that make finding a document difficult in the overwhelming icons littering the screen. 

Now is a good time to sift through those files to see which ones can be sent to the Recycling Bin, and which you should be sorting into your User Library and its Documents, Photos,  and other folders. Not only will this make it easier to find files, it reduces the small performance hit your computer faces every time it has to update the desktop screen full of files and folders.

Browser Bookmarks

Having a handy link to a website you occasionally need to visit is a great benefit to web browser bookmarks. But if you find yourself adding and forgetting every site you might have an interest in, it can quickly overwhelm your ability to find the sites you actually need when you need them.

Take a few minutes to go through and remove those sites you only bookmarked to read later and now no longer need. You may even consider creating folders to organize your bookmarks, such as "Finances" for your banking and credit card pages, "Shopping" for your online stores, etc.

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