More on the Retirement of Windows XP

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎03-31-2014 10:32 PM (25,980 Views)

Our web team collected some information about the sunsetting of XP, and what users should do to improve their network security if they choose to continue using XP. Stopping support of Windows XP means that Microsoft will stop fixing new bugs discovered in the system — providing new opportunities for hackers waiting to take advantages of XP’s new vulnerabilities. Basically, XP will become increasingly insecure as time goes on, and users’ data will be more in jeopardy as time passes without updates.


For more on what this means to people currently using XP and what they can do about it, visit our “Microsoft Stops Supporting Window XP page” on


We also dug around and developed a few recommendations for users who aren’t ready to let go of Windows XP. If you are planning on using XP on your computer after April 8, you should really check out our “What to Do If You Want to Keep Windows XP After Support Ends page” on


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