Moms, Dads and Grads: Portable Audio Tech Gifts

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Now that you or the person you are giving gifts to will be running,  or enjoying time on the beach, it would be wise to make the trip more enjoyable with music.  MP3 players have become as common to carry as your wallet — which means if you don’t own an MP3 player, you need one.  Which one should you get though?


The One that Rhymes with “Dapple”


When it comes to thinking of MP3 players, one player comes to mind. (You know, the one by a company that rhymes with “Dapple”). This player has become so popular that the term “MP3 player” has taken a back seat to the aforementioned product.  This company has created a device far ahead of its time; it has a capacity of up to 160GB, comes with amazingly easy-to-use software, and now comes in a touchscreen version, which is completely intuitive to use.  Combine this with an application store where you can download thousands of free-to-fee applications (music, gaming, GPS, etc), and you’ll quickly realize this is not your mom’s media player anymore. (Well, at least until she gets her hands on yours, in which case, it very well might be.)




New to the market, Android (Google’s version of software for mobile devices) is slowly working its way to standalone media players.  Samsung is one of the first to take the horns, with the introduction of their Galaxy Player.  The device works similarly to any phone running Android, with the difference being that it doesn’t make calls.  However, any Android-capable phone will of course have the ability to do the same as any other media player (Galaxy and iTouch alike). 


The difference is that with both types, you will experience a different experience across both platforms.  This includes UI tweaks, different interactions with the software, and diverging availability of Apps in their respective application stores.




Spring is the season of giving, just like any other season.  People have birthdays, and scholars graduate.   We all have a chance to start fresh, and the ability to give the ones we love and care about inspiration and health.  Music is the food of love, and fitness is the love of eating healthy food.  Combining the two makes for a great combination, and with some of the suggestions we’ve made in the past three blog postings, you and your loved ones can live a beautiful and happy life.

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