Ivan Kaspersky – Come Home Soon

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎04-22-2011 02:40 PM (5,894 Views)

I know what some people might be thinking, who is Eugene Kaspersky? For those that do or do not know, Eugene Kaspersky is the founder of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, a leading company in the anti-malware industry. His software has been used daily by Agents like me and our clients for many years to fight against cyber criminals, malware, and viruses. Eugene holds an extra special place in all of our hearts as a fellow fighter against unruly technology and has on several occasions spoken directly to me and other Agents. This makes this sad news a little more personal than usual.


In closing, this situation has really pulled the heart strings of me and other Agents in the Geek Squad. Myself and other Agents want to let the world know we have the Kaspersky family in or thoughts and hearts. I hope a happy resolution comes soon and Ivan can return home to the family that loves him.

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