Is having two game consoles normal? Necessary these days?

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎02-05-2009 10:58 PM (4,553 Views)

I connected my new Wii to my HDTV and surround sound system and was pretty impressed with the video and audio quality (considering the Wii is not an HD game console like the PS3 or Xbox360). Not only was I impressed with the picture/sound quality, but was excited that my wife (who is definitely NOT a gamer) took interest in playing Wii Sports (which comes with the system) with me. She is quite the pro in bowling by the way.


From the basic games, we expanded to some interactive games like Mario Party 8 and the Agatha Christie series of mystery games. My wife is quite the mystery-lover (she watches countless hours of mystery shows and reads any who-done-it book she can get her hands on), so it was great to see a console truly tailoring games to a broader audience.


We have entertained company with the Wii. From friends our age, to our parents and grandparents, the Wii seems to draw everyone in. It is a modern version of a board game (think of how many hours you have played Monopoly or Scrabble with the family), that helps pull family and friends together. The bottom line, the Wii is a great system to entertain all age groups and is simple to use.


Alright, I confess, there are some things a Wii can’t do. My XBOX 360 has taken my gaming and entertainment to a whole new level. I picked up an XBOX 360 a few months after getting a Wii so I could game socially on the information superhighway. Many friends and colleagues play games via XBOX Live and I felt it was my time to join the online fun. Little did I know what I was getting in to!


The XBOX 360 is as much an entertainment hub as it is a gaming console. Yes, you can play games, but you can also stream movies and music from your PC, and watch Netflix movies (with the appropriate Netflix account) instantly. This system truly integrates all possible angles of entertainment into one small package.


The XBOX 360 presents games in stunning High Definition and Dolby Digital Surround Sound, for the ultimate realistic gaming experience. The game designs tend to be more virtual reality than the simplistic games for the Wii. The XBOX 360 has taken over my gaming life – I play with friends and people from work almost nightly. From racing games, to simulators, to tactical shooter games, I could spend hours…no, days…on this system. (that is, if my wife would let me).


The 360 has some great family features too. You can download family-oriented games from the XBOX Live Marketplace and the parental controls are outstanding (if you need help, check out our

Geek Squad service.) Overall, the 360 is definitely built more for the serious game enthusiast than it is for the casual video gamer.


All in all, both systems have pros and cons, and both can be very entertaining. But you have to weigh your options. The XBOX 360 tends to be a little more expensive then it’s cousin the Wii, but it all depends on the experience you are looking for. And if you can’t decide, you can always purchase numerous systems like me!

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