How to Turn Your Cellphone into a TV Remote

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎08-08-2014 10:02 PM (56,844 Views)

It used to be that you could use your cellphone to make a phone call, tell the time and maybe send a text. Now, thanks to app developers, you can use your phone as a metal detector, a Tricorder (yes, a Star Trek Tricorder ), a guitar tuner, a level, car finder, metronome and currency exchange calculator. Talk about multi-functional! With the optics provided by the camera, the input flexibility of the screen and the device’s location/orientation sensors, your average smartphone can do a lot of things. All it needs is the right piece of code. Which is where the app developers come in.


One of the handiest apps that we constantly use in our house is one that turns my phone into a TV remote control. With two preschool-aged sons, keeping track of the remote is even harder than it used to be. But since I always have my phone in my pocket, having it double as a remote is a huge time saver when we finally get a chance to sit down and watch some TV after we wrangle the boys to bed.


Agent Emily H. and I recently put together a video showing how to turn your Samsung cellphone into a TV remote. If you have as much trouble keeping track of that remote as we do in our house, you might want to check this out.




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