Get the Right Start With Your New Phone

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎12-27-2013 03:09 PM (38,976 Views)

But hold on there a sec. Sometimes, in the excitement of getting a new phone going, it’s easy to forget some basic set up behaviors that could save some heartache in the future. We run into this at Precincts all the time – clients come to us with phones that aren’t behaving properly and we see they are loaded down with apps but lack the basic security and settings management. Taking the time to walk through all your settings and make sure your new device is properly secure is time well spent. Yeah, it’s not as much fun as downloading that game that never worked right on your old phone, but you’ll thank us later.


There is an excellent article by Jessica Dolcourt in the How To section of the site in which she lays out the basic first steps everyone should take when they set up a new phone. Great stuff. Take a look and follow her suggestions before you download another app.


Six Thing Every New Phone Owner Should Do First

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