Geeks? Ghostbusters!

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The release of a Blu-ray 25th anniversary edition of the film last week is like welcoming an old friend back in shiny, new HD duds. As soon as the movie starts up again, I’m instantly transported to the first time I saw this classic as a kid in the theaters, and it is wonderful!


Ghostbusters fans are doubly blessed this year with the release of the Ghostbusters video game for most platforms, including the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. The game is often referred to as the “3rd movie” as the original actors are reunited to voice their on-screen characters. It’s a must-have for fans that will instantly draw you in the first time Dan Aykroyd as Dr Raymond Stantz casually reminds you that it’s a bad thing to “cross the streams.”


I have to admit, that while I wish I had my own proton pack, driving down the street in my black and white Geekmobile while Ray Parker Jr sings the Ghostbusters theme via my iPod is the next best thing to having my own Ecto-1.

Agent Gregg Walrod and I were also fortunate enough to meet some “local” Ghostbusters at New York Comic-Con last year. Check out the video:


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