Geeking Out Over Windows 7

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Let’s start with a quick Win 7 101:


  • Windows 7 is the latest Microsoft operating system (OS) since Vista launched a couple years back
  • The OS (whether Vista, XP, Win 7, or even Apple’s Snow Leopard) is the backbone of your computer. It is what makes all your software play nicely together.
  • Unlike most OS upgrades, Win 7 didn’t change the computer requirements to run it. In fact, if you’re running Vista today, it will probably run quicker with Win 7
  • Windows 7 is available in four versions: Starter, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate. There are some differences, so visit this site to help decide which is right for you…or ask a Geek Squad Agent.
  • If you bought a new computer after June 26, you probably qualify for a free upgrade (go here to check).
  • Since we know not everyone is as geeky as Geek Squad, we created a service for us to install Win 7 on your PC for just 40 bucks. For more info on the service, check out our press release here.

Now for those tools I mentioned. The first, the Windows 7 Upgrade Helper, is a three question tool that helps determine:  1) What version of Win 7 to get, 2) what you need to do to upgrade to Win 7 and 3) how much it will cost. The second tool is this graphic we developed to help you through the upgrade process. Both tools can be found here


So take a look, and join us in the countdown. Only 27 days to go.

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