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by Geek Squad Agent on ‎08-06-2010 03:14 PM (8,464 Views)

Blogs like Consumerist and Crunchgear continue to question services they don’t think our clients need. Our recently launched $29.99 eReader set-up service, for example, is under attack because some believe that no one really needs help getting these devices up and running.


Here’s what I see: eReaders are one of the most popular gadgets of the year. Many people are perfectly content activating these devices themselves. That’s great. We love to see well designed devices that people are able to just pick up and use. We’re happy those people can walk out of Best Buy and start reading.


But we have a lot of other customers who want help so they can enjoy the content on their new devices as fast as possible, without having to update firmware. Still others come to us to make sure they’re getting all the functionality from their eReaders. That’s why our eReader set-up service includes things like helping clients connect their eReaders to their smartphones so they can get to the “who done it” faster by reading their favorite mystery novel across both devices.


Geek Squad operates with one mission and one mission only: to help people make the most of their technology by providing a broad array of services and support. Most of our offerings come straight out of consumer demand, such is the case with this eReader service, and we’re proud to deliver on their needs.


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