Geek Squad Plays Pokémon Go: Part 3

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Safety is a priority no matter what game you're playing. As we all know by now, you can really get lost trying to find new stops and collecting Pokéballs. But, evidently, it's considered "suspicious" to be walking around the courthouse area in your town after dark, in small groups... just walking in circles, swiping madly...


Be Social, But Be Safe


Keep in mind that although the locations that serve as Pokéstops and gyms are usually public, your access will be determined by the hours of operation and other rules governing access to the area. Many parks close at a certain time and you may be asked to leave if you're seen to be loitering in front of private businesses, religious centers, or city government buildings. Always be respectful and polite to any law enforcement or official asking what you're doing. Reply politely and show them that you are playing a game. If they ask you to leave, comply.


Along those lines, airport security sometimes finds it suspicious when people repeatedly walk from one area to another and back again, stopping randomly in the flow of traffic and waiving your phone about swiping madly. So be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to what's going on around you. Also, taking up residence at a charging station and plugging in multiple devices if there are a limited number of charging stations for other people can be "bad form." And you can catch Pokémon on the airplane while waiting for takeoff, but it's hard to catch them once in flight, because you're moving too fast.


When out in the wild, it's more fun (AND SAFER) to go as a group. Get several friends together and designate someone to be the "guide"... someone who is NOT playing, to help keep you safe walking across the streets and stuff... But PAY ATTENTION at all times. There were people in my group who had to be reminded not to stop in the middle of the street, when there was oncoming traffic.


Also, be aware of where you are. Some businesses, churches, hospitals and cemeteries have complained that players are not respecting the regular users of those facilities while they are trying to catch Pokémon. Be aware of your surroundings. Not everyone is a player. And don't try to go into a private yard, business, or restricted area. We have also seen reports from systems administrators that Pokémon Go is blocked on many school and "public" WIFI networks at the router level. Players on blocked networks will have to use their cellular data to play.


Never play while driving, and do not have your phone up while you are crossing a street. No matter how old you are, let a parent, friend, partner or buddy know where you are going to be and check in regularly. If playing after dark be sure to go with a group if possible. If playing at night, wear reflective clothing and use a flashlight so that motorists know where you are and so you can walk safely.


Be Patient


As a new, wildly popular, online game, Pokémon GO players have faced several challenges including "You already own this item" error messages, reset progress, inaccessible servers, and bogginess, crashing, and freezing within the game itself. Other issues (as reported by Niantic Labs, via Kotaku include issues with PokèCoins and premium items not displaying in accounts properly, distorted audio, wobbly location and issues downloading/accessing the program in certain countries. The most recent update is version 0.31.0 which resolved issues with Google account permissions, crashing and login issues for Pokémon Trainer club members. It also addressed bugs with the tracking, location finding and battery saving option.


While Gym Battles are available, developers have stated that they are still working on expanded content, including the Pokémon Trading and Player VS Player battle systems that was promised in the initial trailer.


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