Geek Squad: Inspiring Women, One School at a Time

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Geek Squad aims to empower women of all ages and backgrounds, even as young as elementary school children with our Geek Squad Summer Academy.


The Geek Squad Summer Academy runs technology education workshops annually in schools, camps, clubs and military bases nationwide. We strive to demonstrate the benefits of technology, how to safely incorporate it into their lives and even how to repair some tech tools. It is a great opportunity for young women to feed their curiosity about how things work and cross the boundaries in a world of technology that has traditionally been male-dominated.


If you know someone that would be a perfect fit to join Geek Squad Summer Academy or if you’re just interested in the program, check our previous blog post. You can also find out more about the program or your nominate home town as a Geek Squad Summer Academy location go to the Academy’s website here.

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