Geek Squad 2MM: Wireless Internet for Students of all Ages

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Elementary School


With a wireless connection, your children won’t be confined to your home office or family room to get online. Your computer can be stationed anywhere in the house and the family laptop can travel from room to room with your children, allowing you to offer up homework help while preparing dinner and, at the same time, keeping a close watch on online activity.


High School


After-school activities have left students as busy as the average CEO, putting homework time at a premium. A home-based wireless network lets all the computers in your home share one internet connection so while your son is working on a book report, your daughter can surf her favorite Web sites without fighting.




Forget meeting at the library or the local coffee shop to cram for an exam, today’s study group is going mobile and all your student needs is a cell phone and a laptop. Many cell phone carriers now offer cellular modems for laptops that allow high-speed access to the Internet anywhere your son or daughter’s carrier has cell phone coverage. Coupled with new wireless routers, your son or daughter can share their connection among multiple computers just as they would at home, letting them create fully mobile, multi-person study groups just about anywhere.

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