Cell phone survival guide: Care for a wet phone

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Over the almost six years that I have been with Best Buy and Geek Squad I’ve seen a lot of damaged electronics. From minor drops to Office Space-esque ritualistic destruction, and even one iPhone that looked like it had been used for target practice. Aside from cracked screens, the most common occurrence that I’ve seen is liquid damage.


Be it a glass of red wine over a notebook keyboard, or a cellphone in the toilet – liquids and electronics just don’t mix. Now, if you drop your phone down a well there isn’t much that can be done, but a quick dunk or spill doesn’t have to spell the end for your gadget! Just follow the steps in this helpful infographic:


How to save a wet cell phone


Cell Phone Survival Tips

This is geared toward cellphones, but can scale-up for tablets and other devices. Notebooks are a somewhat different beast, so while these tips may work in the short run it’s best to have a service center check it out before you power on the notebook again. It may be helpful to also note that silica packets can be found in a lot of different packages including shoe and electronics boxes.


The best way to keep your phone dry is by not getting it wet in the first place, so try to be aware of your surroundings when you take out that several hundred dollar piece of engineering. Don’t put your phone on the bar top at your local pub. Guys – that pocket on your shirt is a perilous location for anything. Finally, bathrooms are for bathing, or whatever – not for texting.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, maybe two pounds when you consider how expensive it can be to replace a damaged phone. The Otterbox Defender series and Lifeproof’s lineup offer great waterproof/water-resistant cases for the most popular smartphone brands for a modest price. Even a basic form-fitting cover is better than none at all. Another solution would be to have your phone treated with a hydrophobic coating by the folks at Liquipel. And while not as elegant as the other solutions, a plastic sandwich bag will work great in a pinch.

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