CES 2011: At a Glance

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎01-07-2011 02:50 PM (16,455 Views)

That’s exactly what I found here on my first day at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where companies like Microsoft, Verizon, Samsung and hundreds of others reach out to both retail buyers and the tech press with some amazing new gadgets and gizmos.


The floor is filled with everything from robot floor cleaners, to motion-controlled PCs, but two categories are dominating the attention of CES visitors: Tablet PCs and Smart TVs.


 Research in Motion, the company best known for their Blackberry smartphones, brought their upcoming tablet PC entry, the Playbook, to the CES floor, instantly making it a popular spot for tech journalists. 


Of course, the Playbook will be entering a market already made popular by the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  However, it also won’t be entering the market alone, as nearly 80 different makes and models of tablets are making appearances, or being announced, at this year’s show.


2010 showed that tablets definitely have an audience, but the real tablet war in 2011 won’t just be between makers, but between tablet sizes as well.  Models being shown are available in many different sizes, but the predominant are the 10″ (like the iPad) or the 7″ (like the Samsung Galaxy Tab).  Each have their supporters, but we’ll have to see over the next year which, if either, will be the more popular size.


The other major category here at CES, Smart TVs, have taken over the booths of any company selling HDTVS. What makes these TVs “smart” is the combination of Internet connectivity and apps, all accessible via a remote control interface.  That means your HDTV can play streaming content, like Netflix or CinemaNow, connect to social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, as well as even talk to your PC to share music, video and photos on that big screen in your living room.


This first day at CES has been exhausting, with all the technology to discover, yet it’s pretty exciting to see all the electronics I’ll be helping clients setup as a Geek Squad Agent.

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